I need GENESIS self-employment licence

Establish yourself as a consultant and trainer!

GENESIS provides you ‘GENESIS Self-Employment Licences’. It is for experienced and knowledgeable people in the field of accounts. These self-employment licences enable you to do your own consulting or training business. It will give credibility to your clients and will open doors to many business and self-employment opportunities. This licence is given on a yearly basis. The first year licence will be provided free of cost. From second year onwards, the cost for licence renewal will be Rs. 9000 per year.

There are two key benefits of GENESIS Self-Employment Licences. First, through GENESIS Accreditation, your practice could be enhanced. Second, your name and contact number will be displayed on GENESIS portal to attract more customers for you.

The GENESIS Self-Employment Licence holders are treated as knowledge partners by GENESIS. You need to have a minimum of 5 years of experience in the accounts domain to be eligible for GENESIS Self-Employment Licence. The age of the licence seeker should be between 24 and 55 years.

List of GENESIS self-employment licenses